Nature's Gallery
Who We Are

Who We Are

I have been collecting since grade school and have been doing lapidary for more than 20 years; I am a skilled stone cutter and jeweler. After many years working in the Oil Industry and selling minerals on the side, I decided to open my shop.


We are an old fashioned full service rock shop offering everything related to the hobby. We specialize in fine mineral specimens from around the world and offer a large selection at a reasonable prices. We have tons of cutting rough of all kinds. We also have one of the largest collections of pyrite in the world. We buy, sell and, trade. We offer free advice on all aspects of the hobby, and are dedicated to the full satisfaction of our customers.

Donald Slater, Owner

Nature’s Gallery is dedicated to bringing the beauty and wonders of Nature’s art that are found in fine minerals and crystals to everyone from the experienced collector to the novice.  We want to help spread the joys of the hobby of rock hunting and lapidary (the art of cutting and polishing stone). 

The natural beauty found in the spectacular forms and colors of minerals and other natural stone cannot be duplicated or recreated. We can only expose it by carefully and skillfully working with what nature has taken so long to create. Each mineral is a work of art and is unique.